Quantum Hot Water Repair

Quantum Hot Water Systems use innovative technology that increases energy efficiency and reduces costs. Call us today to see how much you can save on hot water each month!

Benefits include:

  • High efficiency

Quantum has been selling heat pumps for over 30 years – they’ve got the most experience and the highest efficiency in the water heating market. Depending on which water heater is currently installed in your house, replacing it with a Quantum system can save up to 75% of the current energy cost.

  • Easy to install

A domestic Quantum hot water heat pump is installed the same way as an electric system. There are no panels on the roof that can incur additional installation cost or storm damage.

  • Can operate in many different climates

Quantum heat pumps can operate in warm and cold climates, during the day (with or without sun) and during the night. Most other heat pumps come equipped with an electric booster element that takes over when the ambient temperature drops below 10ºC.

  • Low running costs

The graph below shows a comparison between the cost of the different water heating systems. As you can see, the Quantum heat pump has the lowest running cost, lower than solar (and with the advantage of running without sun), and much lower than LPG and Electric.

Quantum hot water service
Hot water system solar comparison