Hot Water Troubleshooting – Find Out What’s Wrong with your Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

Gas Hot Water Heater not working? There are a number of issues that can cause your gas heater to fail. We’ve put together our list of the top 4 issues our customers come across with Gas Systems, along with our troubleshooting tips to help deal with each problem. Some of these issues are easily fixed by checking a few things, although we recommend all repairs be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesman.

1. Pilot Light Extinguished – There are many issues that can cause a pilot light to go out. Before you call us try and relight the pilot as it may have just been blown out by the wind. Pilot lights can be tricky and you must follow the manufactures instruction when attempting to relight the pilot as it can be dangerous. Don t hesitate to call us if you have any issues.

2. Leaking pressure relief valve – This is quiet common and relatively simple to fix. Pressure relief valves are pressure rated and it is important to follow manufacturers recommendation’s when replacing the valve. The rating of the valve required can be found on the rating sticker at the top of most hot water heaters. To ensure the this valves operates correctly it should be manually activated every three months. Please keep in mind that the valves is designed to leak when the unit is heating or over pressurised but it should stop.

3. Gas Supply – Check isolation valves at the unit and the meter. The valves should be in the on position. The easy way to tell this is to make sure the handle is running along the pipe. If the valve is off it will sit across the pipe. See diagram below.

Fix Gas Hot water heater system

4. Discoloured or Dirty Hot Water – If you have discoloured water coming from your tank the tank can be flushed and the anode changed. The sacrificial anode is an important component of your hot water heater. A sacrificial anode is a metal rod, normally made from aluminium or magnesium and coated in zinc, which hangs down inside your hot water tank. The sacrificial anode is designed to attract minerals and impurities in the water which would otherwise react with the inside of the tank and cause it to rust and deteriorate. This ‘sacrificial’ rod slowly rusts and degrades, sacrificing its own life for the greater good of your hot water tank.

There you have it, gentleman (and go-getting ladies)! These are the top 4 issues that we come across as Qualified Plumbers in the Newcastle region. Were these troubleshooting tips helpful? Were some of these fixes beyond your pay grade? No worries at all, we’re always here to help. Feel free to give us a call on 4943 9000 for a quote, or get in touch!